Key Technologies for the Ninth GANI's Marble Tiles

Ninth Generation GANI's Marble Tiles Manufacturing Technologies Introduction
The Ninth Generation of GANI marble tile was launched worldwide on the March 8th, 2017, officially delivered in Mercedes-Benz Arena (Shanghai). Combining all GANI's manufacturing experience and technologies altogether, The Ninth Generation of marble tiles provides major improvement in many aspects, such as durability, security and visual attractiveness. In addition to that, the marble tile is more natural, abrasion resistant and features better performance in skid resistance when encountering water. In short, it possess excellent effect and superior product performance, thus providing a better choice for high-end building and renovation needs.

Key Technologies for the Ninth GANI's Marble Tile

1. High Temperature Crystallization
For longer serving life, GANI adopts high temperature crystallization to the ninth GANI marble tile, which helps to enhance its abrasion resistance. After a sintering under a temperature of 1230℃, tile's glaze will enjoy a well-distributed hard crystal structure, allowing a class five in Mohs scale and a class 4 in abrasion resistance. Thus, a wider application could be achieved.

2. Intelligent Semi-Polishing Technology
Natural marble enjoys a special natural effect, which is hard to replicate. But GANI never gives it up. On the contrary, it adopts intelligent semi-polishing technology for the development of different polishing technologies towards tiles with different veins. With specific polishing technology, a nanometer concave will be formed in its surface, allowing a diffuse reflection towards lights. With intelligent semi-polishing technology, a soft luster and a more comfortable using experience will be generated.

3. Micron Concave-Convex Anti-Skip Technology
In order to prevent tile's skipping when meeting water, familiar for most of the porcelain tiles, GANI adopts an anti-skip technology, installing micron concave and convex on tile's surface. Thus, micron-level concave will be generated, which will lead to an instant absorption when a force is delivered on its wet surface, and well prevent the skipping. Meanwhile, its anti-skipping effect equals with tile with a friction coefficient of 0.7 or a floor slip rating of R11, which well ensures safe using.

4. 3D Through-Body Technology
3D through-body technology is improved on the basis of the first and the second through-body technologies. GANI independently developed internationally advanced technologies related to material distribution system and synchronous printing system, allowing porcelain vein extension in all the directions, from top to the bottom, from left to the right, and from front to the rear. Its creation helps to satisfy general requirements towards porcelain tiles, such as chamfering and broaching. Meanwhile, it could also be used to make various artistic appearances to meet diverse applications.

GANI has always been focused upon the research and development of new marble tiles for many years. In that year, GANI has gained professional design team and R & D team to solve the key technical problems towards marble tiles' production. Currently, GANI has successfully solved thirteen technical problems and become the one and only marble tile manufacturer which possesses patented management technologies for marble tiles, including two patents for invention, five technical know-hows, two initiative technologies , as well as one industrial design system.

Thirteen patented technologies
In-glaze decoration technology for both wall tiles and floor tiles (09)
Semi-polishing technology (09)
Full Color Model Printing Technology(10)
Oversized marble tile (900*1200) manufacturing technology (11 the first in the world)
Integrated design system for technology & art (11 world-class)
AB board making technology (11)
High-definition digital ink-jet printer technology (12)
Patented 3M honed finishing technology (12)
Sintering & antifouling technology (12)
Glaze layering technology (13)
Vein weakening technology (13)
Split face tile making technology

Two patents for invention
Porcelain tile with concavo-convex superfine veins manufacturing technology (09)
Polished in-glaze porcelain tile with concavo-convex veins making technology (12)

Five patented technologies
Full Color Model Printing Technology(10)
High-definition digital ink-jet printer technology (12)
Patented 3M honed finishing technology (12)
Sintering & antifouling technology (12)