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D811825879BM - Madrid Silver Marble Wall Slab


Madrid Silver Marble Wall Slab

(Commercial Wall Slab, Bathroom Slab, Indoor Slab, Outdoor Slab)
Madrid Silver

Contemporary Taste
Madrid Silver is a particular limestone known for its grey color and, based on the quarry and where it is sourced from, a beautiful white veining. Madrid Silver designs are popular in modern and contemporary interior design looks, and is often preferred for imitation marble flooring, claddings, countertops, decorative objects and even jewelry.

Madrid Silver Marble Wall Slab
Madrid Silver Marble effect tiles can be applied as kitchen wall slabs, living room slabs, for high end interior decoration. As Malaysia's exclusive and well-qualified Madrid Silver Marble Wall Slab supplier, Ceratrade provides a wide variety of patterns and custom cut size quality Gani tiles that are suitable for interior applications. With a wide distribution network and experience, Ceratrade offers high quality marble tiles for your specific high end interior decorating needs.