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D692846BMT - Amasya Beige Marble Tile


Amasya Beige Marble Tile

Amasya Beige

Warm Flow
Amasya Beige features a luminous beige background with veins of warm hazelnut streaking through it. Originally quarried in the northern part of Turkey, the color of this design originates in a mix of calcium carbonate (about 50%), magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, manganese oxide and silicon dioxide. With various textures, spots, lines and clouds of different shades of beige, brown, honey and chocolate, Amasya is perfect for large surfaces or small detail work, adding a sense of coziness to any project. The texture changes, there are spots, lines and clouds of different.

Amasya Beige
Amasya Beige tiles are best applied for both outdoor and indoor applications. As Malaysia's exclusive and well-qualified Amasya Beige polished porcelain tile supplier, Ceratrade provides a wide variety of patterns and custom cut size quality Gani tiles that are suitable for both interior and exterior fields applications. With a wide distribution network and experience, Ceratrade offers high quality porcelain tiles for your specific high end interior and exterior decorating needs.