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D692879BM - Volakas Marble Tile


Volakas Marble Tile

(Porcelain Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Interior Tile, Exterior Tile)

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Volakas marble is quarried in the north of Greece, out of the Falakron Mountains. The marble features a white background with fine grey veingings, evoking the "classic" marble look. Some slabs have noticeable light beige or hazelnut lines. Our imitation Volakas porcelain tiles are great for every kind of indoor installation as it perfectly matches with classical and modern decorative styles.
Project Name: Ning Xia International Convention Center
Location: Ning Xia, China
Project Type: Commercial Project Area: 51,000m²

Volakas Marble Tile
Volakas marble effect tiles can be applied as kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, also used in living room, bedroom and other applications. As Malaysia's exclusive and well-qualified Volakas polished porcelain tile supplier, Ceratrade provides a wide variety of patterns and custom cut size quality Gani tiles that are suitable for both interior and exterior fields applications.